Pirelli have confirmed that their new Purple walled P-Zero Ultra Soft tyre will make its Formula One race debut at the Monaco Grand Prix on May 29.

The Italian company also confirmed that it is making the Yellow walled Soft and the Red walled Super Soft tyres available to the drivers for the jewel in the Formula One crown.

Pirelli have also confirmed that during the Grand Prix one set of the Pirelli P-Zero Yellow and one set of the Pirelli P-Zero Super Soft tyre MUST be used during the race.

For the next three races, in Bahrain, China and Russia, Pirelli are bringing the Soft, Super Soft and Medium compound tyre range while for the Spanish Grand Prix in May they will have the Medium and Hard compound range available.

For the Monaco and Canadian Grand Prix the Ultra Soft, Soft and Super Soft tyres will be used while for the inaugural European Grand Prix at the Azerbaijan street circuit Pirelli have confirmed that the Super Soft, Soft and Medium compounds will be made available.


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