Racing X driver Alice Powell set the pace in practice ahead of Saturday’s W Series race in Silverstone, the home of the British Grand Prix with a time of 01::57.098s ending the session just ahead of championship leader Jamie Chadwick who set a time of 01:57.244s for Veloce Racing.

Emma Kimilanen of Ecurie W was third with a time of 01:57.371s ending the session just ahead of Scuderia W’s Sarah Moore with a time of 01:57.463s while Fabienne Wohlwend was fifth with a time of 01:57.709s for Scuderia W.

M Forbes Beitske Visser was sixth fastest with a time of 01:57.710s while Abbie Eaton was seventh with a time of Ecurie W with a time of 01:57.968s just ahead of Abbie Pulling for Puma Racing with a time of 01:58.141s while M Forbes Ayla Argen with a time of 01:58.193s while Vicky Piria rounded out the top ten with a time of Sirin Racing with a time of 01:58.220s.

Marta Garcia was 11th with a time of 02:58.282s ending the session just ahead of Bruna Tomaselli of Veloce Racing. Jessica Hawkins was 13th with a time of 01:58.531s.

Nerea Marti was 14th with a time of 01:58.531s just ahead of Miki Koyama of Sirin Racing who ended the session just ahead of Scuderia W’s Belen Garcia.

The Bunker Racing’s Sabre Cook was 17th with a time of 01:58.909s while Inrina Sidorkova rounded out the order with a 01:58.916s for Academy Racing.

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