Sebastien Ogier has taken over the lead of Rally  Italia Sardegna after Hyundai Motorsports Ott Tanak was forced to retire from the event.

Car #3 T. Suninen – M. Markkula (Ford Fiesta WRC): “I haven’t been in that stage when it has been that slippery. We need to get through and get a good feeling behind the wheel”


Car #69 K. Rovanpera – J. Halttunen (Toyota Yaris WRC): “Both of these stages are cleaning a lot. Now it is really really slippery. It is cleaning for the guys behind and it is really tricky for those in front”

Car #18 T. Katsuta – D. Barritt (Toyota Yaris WRC): “It is quite different grip level. In some corners you have really good grip, in others you suddenly have no grip. It was quite difficult. For sure we are cleaning, it is a new experience and I am happy”


Car #11 T. Neuville – M.Wydaeghe (Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC): “I am on full hards now,  like everybody else. I drove like hell, but I do not think the time is good enough. There is a lot of cleaning of course but I think I should have been faster than the cars in front of me”


Car #33 E. Evans – S. Martin (Toyota Yaris WRC): “I did not have any sensation of grip at all at the start to be honest. After it got a bit better. I should have been faster because it is cleaning a lot. But still now the grip is very very low”.


Car #1 S. Ogier – J. Ingrassia (Toyota Yaris WRC): “I prefer to be in the position I am now. It is still a very rough afternoon, very abrasive for the tyres, I tried to drive very smooth and the target is to stay out of trouble”


Car #6 D. Sordo – B. Rozada (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC): “It was good at the beginning but then the car started to understeer and I thought the tyres were gone. It was really strange because from one moment the car started to understeer a lot. I do not know”


Car#30 J.Huttunen – M. Lukka (Hyundai NG i20) “It is not so easy. Hopefully the time now is a bit better. Let’s see”


Car #21 M. Bulacia – M. Ohannesian (Skoda Fabia Evo): “I went wide in a left corner and I hit the rock in the bench. The rim can be damaged, we need to see what else is damaged. There are still two more stages today”


Car #22 M. Ostberg – T. Eriksen (Citroen C3): “We are trying, [Jari] he is going fast as well. It is hard now, especially with the stages that both of us know. We will just have to try, it is still a good gap but I will push”

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