Monster Energy Top Fuel Dragster driver Brittany Force is looking forward to racing against her dad John this Father’s Day weekend at Bristol Drag Way.

Speaking about the opportunity to race again her dad on Father’s Day, Brittany said:

Racing in Bristol on Father’s Day is always special. “It always happens to land on that weekend, and Courtney and I do the Track Walk with our dad, which is something fun before race day.

Just like her sister Courtney. Brittany sees Bristol as one of her favourite races and speaking about the event she said:

Bristol is one of my favorite race tracks – Thunder Valley. It’s a Bruton Smith track, and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s a race that I want to win, it’s a race I will win one of these days. I’d love to do it this year on Father’s Day.”

Bristol is back to back with the event in New Jersey last weekend and speaking about back to back races, Brittany commented by saying:

“I’ve always liked back-to-back races. “For me, it makes me feel more comfortable. Taking a weekend off or two weekends off, you kind of have to find your way back into it. Four in a row, I’m pumped for it, I’m ready for it. It helps me stay on my toes, and the momentum just carries over.

Brittany went on to say:

You have that hype, that energy from the last week. For me, I like four in a row. I’m not out of the seat long, and it’s something I’ve always liked. Not just me as a driver, but the whole team. It keeps us moving forward.

The action gets underway at Bristol Drag way on Thursday.

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