Formula One’s governing body the FIA are exploring the possibility of refueling returning to the sport in 2017 as a way of adding to the excitement of the sport. The idea is due to be discussed with the teams at a meeting next week.

FIA President John Todt confirmed to Autosport that refueling is back on the agenda in Formula One saying:

Yes, it is true. If you have some doubt about something, and personally and honestly I have a doubt, talking with the working group meeting we readdress is it right not to have refueling? You know the reason why it was banned, refueling? It was the cost of carrying the fuel rig. Now we are in a kind of modern area where we know how it works.

Refueling was reintroduced in Formula One in 1994 but was outlawed at the end of the 2009 season.

Many questions were asked as to why refueling was banned with the reasoning given that it was too costly for the team’s and also on safety grounds due to the fact that there had been a number of incidents involving mechanics who had been injured during pit-stops.

Todt has shot down any suggestion that bringing refueling back will be too costly by saying:

We are talking about 50,000 euros a year. If it is good for the show, I’m in favor of reducing the cost but that is not a key point on the global cost of Formula One.

Article written by Oprah Sagal

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