Turn 3 Motorsports James Roe scored two-time ten finishes during the Indy Pro 2000 events over the weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In race one, Roe started the race from 12th place and came home in eighth place.

In the second event of the weekend, the Dubliner started the race from 12th place once again and came home in tenth place.

In race three, Roe started the race from 12th and finished the race in eleventh place and speaking following the events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, James Rowe commented saying:

Overall, I think it was our strongest race weekend of the year,” said Roe. “In Race 1, we passed over half of the field to get ourselves up to P5 only to be taken out by another ambitious move with two laps to go, resulting in a loss of three places. Race 2 was pretty much the same thing, except we got taken out by another ambitious move from P6 on Lap 3. We tried to make the best of the situation by repairing the car and getting it back out with the goal of getting a good qualifying lap in to improve our starting position for Race 3, but we were stopped from joining back in with just two laps to go. Our pace was very strong in Race 1 and 2 though, so I’m happy with the gains we made. In Race 3, we certainly lost some speed which we will have to analyze now, but overall we had a good weekend. Our next stop is Lucas Oil Raceway in a couple of weeks for my first ever oval race; I can’t wait!

Speaking following the events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Turn 3 Motorsports team owner Peter Dempsey commented saying:

Overall, we had a decent weekend. “I think our pace as a team was a lot stronger than the results showed. With Josh, I feel like we missed the opportunity for our first podium in USF2000 Race 1. He certainly showed he had the speed to compete up front. We need to keep working on our race craft to put ourselves in a better position to challenge for the top spots. Dylan came on a lot this weekend and delivered on our expectations for the Indy GP. To be fighting with the other top rookies in the championship is where we need to be this year. The next step is to be consistently the first rookie in every race.”

“James missed out on his first top five finish in Indy Pro 2000 Race 1, but overall, this weekend was definitely an improvement on where we’ve been in previous events,” continued Dempsey. “He has a new challenge ahead heading into Lucas Oil Raceway, so we have to help him settle in on the oval as best as we can. To be challenging for podiums is where we need to be, and we have to trust our program that these results are going to come if we all keep pushing as hard as we are. The gains we are making are promising, and I hope that we can continue to improve every time we are on track and the results that we deserve will come soon.

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