Harding Steinbrenner Racing’s Colton Herta is ready to take on the challenge of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after conducting a rookie oval test at Texas Motor Speedway along with fellow rookies Ben Hanley and Marcus Ericsson.

Speaking to IndyCar.com, Herta said:

That’s the thing we’re trying to get ready for. “Doing a bit of my rookie orientation here, so then when I get to Indy, it’s less of a list. Just getting laps under my belt, getting myself comfortable at that speed. Obviously, we don’t run as fast as Indy here, but it’s pretty damn close. On the straights you still get to 225 mph, so it’s still extremely fast.

Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports James Hinchcliffe put in a few laps at Texas Motor Speedway for Marcus Ericsson who will make his Indianapolis 500 debut next month. Speaking about the test in Texas the Swede said:

One, the speed is so high and then, two, is that it’s a different feel in the car,” e any experience of it, you don’t really have that trust. You need to build that up, and that’s only coming from doing laps. You can talk so much about it, but it’s actually laps that makes the difference.”

The acclimation was vital since all three rookies’ first NTT IndyCar Series oval race will be the Indianapolis 500 on May 26.

“It’s super important because the month of May is coming right now,. “My first oval race will be the 500, so it’s a big challenge. That’s why it’s good to come out here. There’s only three cars out and it’s pretty chill out and just a good environment to get up to speed.

Ben Hanley was in action in the No.81 10Star Chevrolet for DragonSpeed Racing and was happy with how the test went saying:

The biggest thing is relaxing into it. “The first few laps, I was mega tense and really gripping the wheel. I kept telling myself to rest the head, but at first it’s difficult.”

“Each run, we’ll make a small change. “I know where I’m improving myself on the oval.

“We’ve not got much time, so we have to make the changes, but we don’t want to make any big changes and it cost us track time with an incident or something. So we’re just making a lot of small changes and seeing how the car reacts to those. Hopefully, that will be in the bag when it comes to the next month and when it is time to push a bit more.

Marcus Ericsson and Colton Herta will be in action at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Wednesday for the Indianapolis 500 open test which will be broadcast live on the NTT IndyCar Series official Facebook page.



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