Formula One world champion Nico Rosberg has come in for some harsh criticism since announcing his retirement from Formula One.

The German announced his retirement from Formula One last week with immediate affect however the decision has been criticised by many most noteably from Mercedes non executive chairman Niki Lauda.

The three time world champion accused Rosberg of making the Mercedes team look dumb and leaving a hole in the outfit.

This criticism is ompletely unfounded. Rosberg, who has been racing for most of his life has done what he set out to do and that is win the Formula One championship.

The German is married and has a young daughter and has achieved the ultimate prize in the sport.

This achievement should be celebrated and Rosberg should not be criticised from within the team he won the championship for.

Meanwhile former F1 driver Gerherd Berger believes that Rosberg will return to racing in Formula One, hower Rosberg has ruled this scenario out but has also suggested that he wants to remain involved with the Mercedes team.

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