Former World Rally Champion Carlos Sainz has had his hopes of winning the 2017 Dakar Rally dashed after the Spaniard was forced to retire from the event following his accident on Thursday.

Sainz rolled his Peugeot on stage four of the rally getting stuck in a ravine, dropping him out of contention for the win, up until that point Sainz and his Peugeot team mate’s were in control of the event. Speaking about his retirement from the rally, Sainz commented by saying:

The car could not continue by itself because we had broken the radiator, the shifter, We pushed the car, put it on the road, trying to get help.

We had lost so much time at the start of the stage – we had to recover, and recover, and recover,” he said.

“And when you take so many risks, these things can happen.

Following the accident Sainz complained of lower back muscle pains.

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