Car #3 T. Suninen – M. Markkula (Ford Fiesta WRC): “I had a small spin. Grip levels  are a lot lot better now” [spun, lost a few seconds]


Car #69 K. Rovanpera – J. Halttunen (Toyota Yaris WRC): “It has been cleaning a lot, for sure there is a clean line now. Not for us, but in the second pass it is much better. It is still slippery and a tricky stage in some places”

Car #18 T. Katsuta – D. Barritt (Toyota Yaris WRC): “I cannot say anything. It is OK, I will try to focus on the next one” [stopped to remove radiator blank, lost some seconds]


Car #11 T. Neuville – M.Wydaeghe (Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC): “” [stalled the car lost 3-4s, damage on the back]


Car #33 E. Evans – S. Martin (Toyota Yaris WRC): “Just trying to have a good rhythm. It is important to stay in the clean line, it is so loose outside. The car is working pretty well now. Much much happier as it allows me to be more smooth. A shame that Dani stopped”


Car #1 S. Ogier – J. Ingrassia (Toyota Yaris WRC): “[Sordo’s incident]The most important to hear is that the crew is OK. Shame for him for sure. At the same time we can relax more”


Car #6 D. Sordo – B. Rozada (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC): “” [OUT]


Car#30 J.Huttunen – M. Lukka (Hyundai NG i20) “[Fifth overall]I think only to WRC2. Nice to be fifth. Much better for me, but still not really good in here”


Car #21 M. Bulacia – M. Ohannesian (Skoda Fabia Evo): “We made a mistake in a junction, we lost 2s there. But after that it was a clean stage. Very difficult, still very slippery. I thought in the second pass there was more grip. We need to keep improving. I am happy with the car and the improvements. I am looking forward to the last stage of the day”


Car #22 M. Ostberg – T. Eriksen (Citroen C3): “I am annoyed by all the things that happened. We are trying to stay focused and keep p

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