The Sauber F1 Team have become the latest outfit to have been targeted by gangs in Brazil.

As a team bus left the Interlagos circuit on Saturday night following qualifying, they were involved in a collion which was designed to enable the culprits to disable the bus and rob the team.

Following Friday’s incident which saw shots fired and member of the Mercedes team having a gun held to his head, the race organisers and FIA increased security resources.

The increased security did not help the Sauber F1 Team. Senior strategy engineer, Ruth Buscombe tweeted:

#F1 Be careful leaving circuit even with added security. Just got hit by one car trying to make us stop with another ahead. Even left at an odd time (late) and they either followed or were alerted of a van headed that way past the end of the police presence near track. #BrasilGP

It is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or worse so for the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix something must be done to ensure that incidents like this don’t happen again.

The team personnel involved in this incident were unharmed and were able to getaway from the incident.

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