Schmidt Peterson Motorsports became the latest Verizon IndyCar Series team to announce an extension of their partnership with Honda and Honda Performance Development. On Friday the two companies announced that their expanded partnership will run through to the end of 2020.

The news comes just a week after it was confirmed that Honda have extended their partnership with fellow Verizon IndyCar Series team Andretti Autosport.

Piers Philips, General Manager of Schmidt Peterson Motorsports commented on the news by saying:

Our technical partners give us the increased engineering capability which, in turn, gives HPD the confidence in us as a team to take our partnership to the next level. “Our contract extension is the culmination of everyone’s hard work. One of the things that we’re extremely excited about is working closer technically with HPD for the benefit of not only our program, but for all Honda programs in the IndyCar Series. We’re really excited for the next three years and hoping to win a lot of races, some Indy 500s and championships.

President of Honda Performance Development Art St Cyr commented by saying:

We’ve seen a significant increase in their capability, and our expectations are a lot higher. “Their engineering talent, their ability to analyze what’s going on from one race to the next and really be able to up their game each session really impressed us. We are going to be relying on Schmidt Peterson Motorsports to help us gather base data that is going to be the source of our programs like HPD Dynamic, our simulator, and those types of activities that we will be feeding across to all of our Honda teams to make sure that all of them raise their game.

St Cyr went on to say:

As we move forward with our manufacturer testing, SPM is going to be one of our key teams to really help us characterize the kits and make sure we can understand what are the strengths, what are the weaknesses and how we can maximize the ability of that kit to get the speed on track

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