Former Formula One world champion John Surtees has urged reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton to change his attitude towards the Halo cockpit protection device that was recently tested by Ferrari and is expected to be introduced in Formula One in 2017.

Speaking in Barcelona after seeing the device being tested, Hamilton stated that the device is the

worst-looking” modification in Formula 1 history. If they do implement it, I hope we have a choice of whether we have to use it and are not forced to, because ultimately it is our safety.

However John Surtees whose son Henry was killed when he was struck in the head by a tyre during a Formula 2 race in 2009 has told Hamilton that as world champion he has a responsibility and should be seen to support such a safety measure. Surtees stated:

Lewis could perhaps think a little more about the ‘halo’ and think about the responsibility he does have as a world champion.

Double Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso believes that the Halo device is a good idea, the McLaren driver commented by saying:

It will be the future of F1, because we cannot afford any serious injury or fatal accident as we had in the last two years,


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