The TAG Heuer Porsche ABB FIA Formula E world championship team are ready for the Rome Eprix which takes place this weekend.

Looking ahead to the weekend, Amiel Lindesay, Head of Operations Formula E was asked:

What insights will you take to Rome from the season opener in Diriyah?

“We kicked off the season well in Diriyah. Still, there were a few things that we needed to sort out. The energy management was definitely not ideal. In certain areas both cars used a little too much battery energy. We need to learn from this and do better in Rome. I’m confident we’ll be stronger there. We didn’t get a chance to race in Rome last year. However, the track has been changed in many areas, which might suit us. Still, the level of competition is so high in Formula E that all teams will have sorted out these changes and the playing field will be pretty much balanced.”

In which details do you see room for improvement for Rome?
“We opt for a global approach. Hence we are working intensively on optimizing the software. As usual, the simulator work will be intense to try and prepare the team in the best possible way for Rome so that we come out of the pits fighting. The team spirit is positive and everyone’s highly motivated in the search for perfection. We aim to improve from race to race this season and be flawless in everything we do. The last time André raced in Rome, he finished on the podium. The team has the drive and motivation to achieve this again.”

Two races will also be contested in Rome. What does this mean for the team in terms of workload?
“A Formula E race day is extremely long. A doubleheader event puts the team under more stress, but there’s not a lot of difference in the preparation back home. The only thing that’s a bit more complicated is the simulation of grip levels because you have more track time. Much of the preparation for the second day depends on what we’ve discovered on day one. Of course, what can happen is that if there’s an incident during the first race, we’ll have fewer tyres available for the rest of the weekend – because we only have a limited number of tyres.”

André Lotterer, Porsche works driver (#36)
You have fond memories of Rome, it’s always been good turf for you. How motivating is that?

“It’s of course a great feeling to return to a racetrack where you’ve been successful. I’ve climbed the podium twice in Rome and I’ve set pole position once. Let’s see whether these experiences turn out to be in my favour. This is the first race for our team in Rome, and we’ll be driving a new track variation. This is advantageous for us, because with the variation, the track is new for us all.”

Your start to the season in Diriyah wasn’t optimal. Do the two races in Rome come at an opportune time?
“Absolutely. Every racing kilometre brings us forward. Two races also mean two chances for a successful performance. Not everything went smoothly in Diriyah, but there were still many positives. We were among the top group in the practices, which is always a good sign. We have a solid basis to build on. We’ve done the preparation work for Rome and I hope we’ll be rewarded as a team for our hard work.”

Pascal Wehrlein, Porsche works driver (#99)
You tackled your first race for Porsche from the first grid row. How much has this inspired you?

“As a newcomer to the team, having a good start was particularly important. We’ve shown our potential. We were very strong over one lap, but we lacked a bit of speed in the race. We’ve made some improvements for Rome, and if we manage to implement them in the race, I reckon anything is possible.”

How do you feel about contesting two races in Rome and what are your thoughts on the new track layout?
“The more races we contest, the better it is for our team. In any case, I’m looking forward to spending more time in the car. It’s possible that the first day might not run smoothly. If this happens, the weekend isn’t over – we have a second chance to achieve a better result. The new track is fast and a real challenge with its bumpy surface. When we prepared for Rome, the main thing for us was to familiarise ourselves with the current track variant and to find the ideal setup for our Porsche 99X Electric for the first race. In Formula E, you have very little time to tweak the setup on the actual race day, and that makes it all the more important to get the baseline right.”

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