Extreme E the all electric SUV endurance Racing championship that will launch in 2021 announced today (Thursday) that 2016 Australian Rally Champion Molly Taylor has joined their driver lineup for season one. Taylor 32, have vast amounts of experience in rallying having competed in the World Rally Championship in Pirelli’s Star Programme taking a stage win at Rally GB in 2011.

Taylor is excited by the concept of Extreme E and speaking following the announcement she said:

Nothing like this has never been done before. “It represents a huge challenge and adventure, which really excites me. The broader message of tackling climate change in a proactive way is also incredibly important – our future, and generations to come, depend on us tackling this issue successfully. From what I have seen of the ODYSSEY 21 in action, it also looks like a whole lot of fun to drive!

“It’s going to be a rollercoaster for all of us as well as the fans. The variety of locations and conditions we will experience is going to make it a continual adventure; they’re all bucket list places that I have never been in a position to visit, so that will be special. Getting involved with a series where drivers and teams won’t know what to expect is really exciting. Everyone will be in the same boat and will be learning on the ground.

“There will no doubt be a very steep learning curve ahead. I think my experience as a rally driver has given me the car control and ability to adapt to changing environments, but the specificity of Extreme E – new surfaces and the race formats – will be elements to learn and work on.

“Driving a SUV will be something new for me, too, as well as a number of the conditions in which we will drive. I’ve competed a lot on gravel, but sand and ice will be a new challenge. The format will also be completely different, especially sharing the co-driver role!”

Taylor joins former IndyCar Series drivers Katherine Legge and Simone De Silvestro, W Series champion Jamie Chadwick, Catie Munnings and Mikeala Ahlin Kottunisky in the driver programme and ahead concluded by saying:

One thing that has always appealed to me about motorsport is that once the helmet goes on, your gender becomes irrelevant and the stopwatch has no bias. “However, I also think that it is important to look at how we can effectively improve the diversity in our industry and this is a step in the right direction. I think this format will provide new opportunities for us to reshape the image of our sport in the eyes of young fans, who will inevitably be our future.”

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