FIA President Jean Todt’s commentes that F1 shouldn’t moan about the length of the calendar and that team personnel should feel privileged to work in the sport are in this writer’s opinion completely wrong.

It has been suggested that Formula One could increase their already crowded schedule to 25 races however such a move is unworkable given the introduction of the budget cap in 2021 for one.

Team members have families and if the calendar is extended to 25 races it will be increased strain on the family life of team personnel.

The world of Formula One seems glamorous fo outsiders however for the team personnel who are away from their families for more than nine months of the year work incredibly hard and when they are in hotels it may be three of four team members to a hotel room.

For Jean Todt to say that team personnel should be thankful that they are part of the championship is infuriating and is the wrong message for the president of the sports governing body to be conveying.

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