Electric GT Holdings Inc announced on Wednesday that its race prepared Tesla Model S P100D has passed its FIA crash test ahead of the start of the inaugural season of the Electric Production Car Series (EPCS).

Up to 20 drivers will compete in the series in the fully race prepared Tesla Model S P100D. The crash test took place in Barcelona.

Each of the new racing series will consist of a practice session which will run for 20 minutes followed by a 60 minute qualifying session followed by a 60KM day race followed by a 60KM dusk race.

Electric GT Holdings Inc CEO Mark Gemmell commented by saying:

We are very pleased to have successfully passed our crash test. While there was no doubt as to the safety of the race car we have built, thorough safety testing is always a priority.

“The car performed very well during the collision. In many ways it was worse for us than for the car, having to watch the destruction of a machine we have lovingly built throughout our development of the championship. We are very excited to go racing in 2018

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