The Firestone Fire Hawk 600 at Texas Motor Speedway in 2001 was a real eye opener for the CART World Series. Open wheel racing headed to the speedway for the first time in 2001. On the opening day of practice on Friday, Dr Stephen Olvey, the chief medical officer with CART expressed concerns about the circuit and the high speeds being reached by the drivers after two of them complained of dizziness and feelings of disorientation.

In Rapid Response, the documentary based on Dr Olvey’s book of the same name he goes into great detail surrounding the circumstances of the 2001 race at Texas Motor Speedway which resulted in the race being cancelled on medical grounds due to the fact that 20 of the 22 drivers were experiencing the same symptoms as the ones that occurred to the two drivers on the Friday morning.

It was the first time in CART history that a race was cancelled on the grounds of medical safety. Following the cancellation of the race the series began a study conducted by Dr Terry Trammell which resulted in the sport adopting a concussion protocol. Rapid Response is in theaters now and should not be missed as it is not just for motorsport fans but for people who like a good documentary.

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