The latest motorsport documentary, Rapid Response about the NTT IndyCar Series team is set to be released in cinemas on September 6.

The AMR Safety team play an integral role in the smooth running of the NTT IndyCar Series at the track, not only do they act as the first responders when it comes to on track incidents but they also support fans at the track if there are any medical emergencies.

The AMR Safety trucks carry paramedics and firefighters and are first on the scene when a caution comes out. The safety team liaise with IndyCar race control and decide when to call a caution or pace car. The NTT IndyCar Series is the only racing category in the world that has a dedicated safety team that travels with them to each race during the season.

The advantage that this has is that the AMR Safety team crews know all the drivers personally and this is great when it comes to assessing any potential injuries or odd behaviors if there have been concussions as a result of an impact so that they assess the situation with a driver and make a quick on the spot diagnosis.

The AMR Safety team also know the inner workings of the NTT IndyCar Series chassis and are regularly trained in driver extrication.

The AMR Safety trucks are equipped with mobile starters to get cars that have stalled back up and running with a minimal impact to the on track activity.

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