The Daytona 500 may be on later today however, on Monday an even bigger Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series event takes place with the launch of their very first Nefflix sitcom. The Crew will air for the first time on Netflix on Monday 15th February becoming the first series to film at live races.

The show revolves around the fictional team, Bobby Spencer Racing and the antics of crew chief Kevin Gibson, played by Kevin James. The show also stars Freddie Storma, who fans of the acclaimed Netflix series Bridgerton know as Prince Frindrich.

Speaking to about the show, Sarah Stiles, who plays Beth Paige said:

You don’t have to know about NASCAR to totally love and enjoy the show. It’s a workplace comedy,”“There’s great characters, great relationships and it’s about changing the old and updating it and new technology coming in, and we can all relate to that.

(Video courtesy of Netflix via youtube)


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