The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is known as the racing capital of the world, and for good reason. On Tuesday I had the privilege and pleasure to visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway museum and the Speedway itself, and what can I say? Wow!!!

A visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is an absolute must for any motor racing fan regardless of whether you are a Verizon IndyCar Series fan or not.

In May, I attended my very first Verizon IndyCar Series race, the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 which was a capacity crowd whereas on Tuesday there was just nine of us on a tour of the circuit, and what an incredible experience it was too.

The highlight for me was kissing the bricks, the hallowed crowd for any Verizon IndyCar Series driver.

As for the museum, it is absolutely incredible, featuring Indianapolis 500 winning cars throughout history and it was absolutely amazing. There is also a photographic library containing 5 million records which are for sale and you can print and take home a piece of history.

Stepping onto the race track from the bus was an incredible moment for me. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is such an incredible place.

At the museum you are given the opportunity to sit in a Verizon IndyCar Series show car and get your photograph taken. A trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway museum is an absolute most.

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