Arrow McLaren’s Felix Rosenqvist says that Portland International Raceway is very temperature-sensitive. Speaking to Paddock Eye following practice 1 for the Portland Grand Prix where he ended the day in fifth place the Swede commented saying:

ELIX ROSENQVIST: It’s going to be grippier probably.

Kyle Kirkwood in the No.27 AutoNation Andretti Autosport Honda was second and speaking to Paddock Eye about the track he commented saying:

This place doesn’t have a ton of track evolution. Just gets a little bit faster, you know. It’s not like, boom, you get a bunch of front grip or rear grip. It’s pretty equal.

FELIX ROSENQVIST: concluded by telling us:

It’s very temperature-sensitive. If the sun comes out, you lose a lot of lap time and grip. If it gets cool, you can find a second here pretty quickly if there’s just some cloud cover.

So it’s more about that, to be honest. If you get, like — if the track condition goes more hot and you go out late, maybe you can get caught out, but I think honestly it probably won’t get much quicker than it is right now, so…

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