INDYCAR SERIES chief of staff Mark Sibla says that the sport still has a lot of stories to tell through content that they have yet to bring out. Speaking at the Thursday Blackbook Motorsports Forum in London, Sibla said that their archive goes back to 1909 and the first running of the Indianapolis 500.

The sport is working hard to bring new fans to the sport, he says, through their esports program, which they introduced at the height of COVID-19. The series is also working on bringing out a new console video game, expected to come out in 2024.

Speaking to Paddock Eye during the Blackbook Motorsports Forum, Sibla said that the series engine partners, Chevrolet and Honda, are reaching the limit in the number of engine leases that they can provide, given the resources at their disposal and, as a result, both manufacturers are fully behind the introduction of third OEM that would allow for greater growth of the series.

Sibla confirmed to Paddock Eye that a number of the tracks are struggling to find space in terms of the pit boxes on the pit road. The series wants to put an onboard camera on every car for the teams to bring more revenue in terms of sponsorship money coming in.

Regarding diversity, the series is going out into the community in Indianapolis. They are also doing more work with the teams, and this is happening on the engineering side. The series has a new report coming out in May about this very topic.

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