Dale Coyne Racing’s Conor Daly in the No.18 Jonathan Byrd’s Restaurant and Hospitality Group Honda endured a tough opening day at Watkins Glen on Friday.

Daly hit the barriers hard at turn 6 in the morning session early on which resulted in him missing the majority of the opening session. It transpired that the gearbox in the No.18 was cracked in the accident.

Speaking following the track action he commented by saying:

I have to thank the guys for getting the car repaired for the second practice. It was really a shame to be the unlucky one with the water this morning. Once we got the car out there it was good and we’re trying to improve it step by step. I think for not having run anything in the first session this morning we’re in decent shape relative to the other Hondas. We have a lot to make up but I think we’re generally making progress which is good.

RC Enerson ended the session with a combined time from both sessions of 01:24.5840s which put him in 20th place and speaking following the session he commented by saying:

I’d say it was a little bit tough today. We’re trying to figure things out with the car. I’m also trying to figure things out as far as track and driving style. It’s a tricky course especially with the new pavement. There’s so much grip so really it’s finding rolling speed through the corners and making sure our car is there. It’s been working on that pretty much all day. I feel pretty strong going into tomorrow. It’s going to be tough, I know, because it’s a difficult road course, especially, again, with this new pavement as it’s throwing a curve ball into the deal so we’re really working on the setup of the car and trying to dial things in. I think we still have some work to do but I think we can pull it together before qualifying.

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