A Verizon IndyCar Series pit-crew is very different to a Formula One crew. For starts only six crew members are permitted to work on a car during a stop.

The members of the crew are as follows.

  1. Inside front tyre changer
  2. Inside rear tyre changer
  3. Outside rear tyre changer
  4. Outside front tyre changer
  5. Fueler (operates the fuel hose to refuel the car with Sunoco race fuel)
  6. Air jack man (works at the rear of the car to lift it up during tyre changes)

These crew members actively work on the car during the stop however there are other members of the team who stand behind the pit-wall such as the Deadman/Hose assistant who is responsible for helping the fueler to balance the hose and operates a lever that engages the fuel nozzle pumping Sunoco fuel into the hose.

The ‘Deadman’ also has the ability to cut off the fuel supply if there is a problem with the refueling rig during a pit-stop.

The fire extinguisher sprays a mixture of water and on the engine cowling washing away any access fuel from the hose. There is also the stop sign front air hose/wing who waves the stop sig up and down to signal to the driver to pit as the come down the pit-lane.

On the pit-stand there is a data acquisitions engineer who makes sure that all of the sensors are calibrated and analyzes the data coming from the car such a telemetry.

The race strategist calls the race and pit strategy for his driver communicating to the driver over the radio during the race.

The race engineer oversees the operation of the car during pit-stops and what needs to be adjusted to maximize performance. The spotter is the eyes and ears for the driver during a race communicating with them throughout a race making them aware of any on track incidents or opportunities to pass another driver.

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