Kimi Raikkonen has denied claims that Sebastian Vettel is the number one driver at Ferrari. On Thursday in Canada the Iceman was asked whether following the events of the Monaco Grand Prix Vettel is now Ferrari’s number one driver Raikkonen said:

No we don’t have anything. But when it comes to that point in the season, when one guy has a chance and the other guy doesn’t have a chance it’s normal.

Raikkonen’s comments come in the wake of the Monaco Grand Prix where he finished in second place behind his team mate despite starting the race from pole position having been overtaken on the over cut by his team mate who went on to win the race.

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton has suggested that Ferrari are favoring Vettel over Raikkonen this season and Raikkonen responded to this by saying that he doesn’t know what Hamilton knows about other teams, but whatever the triple world champion thinks is fine with the Finn.

Raikkonen went on to say that he and Vettel know what the rules are within in the team and they know what the team want.



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