The 28 W Series qualifiers head into their final day of track action ahead of the final day of track action at Circuito De Almeria in Spain.

Speaking about the selection process, Hintsa Performance Coaching and Sports Science Director Pete McKnight said:

“This week in Almeria we have been able to assess where they are at in terms of physical abilities. From our point of view, we need to determine the drivers’ fitness so we can help them develop at the highest levels. It’s clear that they have gone back home after being in Melk and done some work. They have taken on board the advice that we have given them and have worked really hard.

“Moving forwards, it is our responsibility to set appropriate training programmes to help the drivers prepare for the demands of racing. We need to educate them on warming up, mobility and flexibility, how to structure a cardiovascular and strength training sessions, and how to recover well so their performances are optimised. They now need to work smart as well as hard.

“We know there can be lot of negative connotations around fitness and training, and often limited knowledge is available on how best to train. One of our tasks is to educate them on how to train in both an effective and fun way to enjoy what they are doing, and to be motivated to work hard to get the results they need. They need to be well engaged, committed and focused and we want them to see this as a really important part of their preparation. We have tried to be creative during this camp to demonstrate numerous ways of getting them fitter without sending them on a ten mile run!”

Hitech GP team owner Oliver Oakes said:

“We arrived in Almeria with six trucks and 56 people, ready to set up the garages and shakedown the cars ahead of the first track session on Saturday.

“The anticipation of the first run Saturday was high – some drivers had never driver a single-seater before – so there were a lot of unknowns. However, once all the drivers got comfortable and settled into their second or third runs, they all looked confident. By the end of day two there was a buzz in the engineering office, everyone comparing notes. Testing had well and truly begun.

“My task with finding the right race engineers was to make sure they work within Hitech’s DNA. The number one ethos is not about working for themselves but working for the team and all the drivers. Our job here is not just about finding performance, but to give all the drivers the same tools to do a good job. By tools, I mean a car that is reliable and competitive and an experienced race engineer to help their development.

“The task here is to find the final driver line-up from the 28 shortlisted qualifiers, so we want to give them all the right coaching and the right opportunity to really show what they can do – regardless of their experience or background. Everything is structured so all drivers use our software and all have access to the same videos, data and information.”

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