IndyCar Series President Jay Frye says that the series are excited about the future going forward with their current partners after it was announced on Saturday ahead of the Harvest Grand Prix race 2 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course that both Honda Performance Development and Chevrolet have signed a contract extension up to the end of the decade that will see the introduction of new 2.4 Litre twin turbo charged V6 engines with hybrid technology in 2023.

Speaking to Paddock Eye during the media conference call, Frye said that everyone is talking about the new normal but for everyone involved in this announcement it is normal. We have been partners for a long time and we are excited about the future going forward and what it will look like in the future.

Speaking to Paddock Eye, Ted Klaus, President of HPD said that he thinks the new formula is relevant for the times and they need to build a bridge for the future. We need to emotionally connect with not just our customers but hopefully with young technical minded people who might want to come and hitch their wagon to Honda and Honda engineering. We are excited at all levels and this will improve us as a company and it will represent our brand and our business going forward.

Mark Reuss, President of General Motors spoke to Paddock Eye saying the continuity piece of this is very important as if you are in and out of a series you don’t have the engineers coming in and this series does and that is very important. The formula is right, all the facilities are world class and that makes it right as it helps to bring in new fans.

Jay Frye said that going forward they are very bullish about new teams coming into the series in the future.

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