The 2018 Formula One season ended with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 56 days ago and the 2019 season kicks off with the Australian Grand Prix in 56 days, meaning we are exactly half way through the winter break.

The 2019 season will see wholesale changes up and down the pit-lane with just Mercedes and Haas retaining their 2018 line up.

We have the return of both Daniil Kyvat who returns to Toro Rossi while Robert Kubica returns to racing in F1 after being promoted by the Williams team.

We also have new drivers coming into the sport with George Russell at Williams, Alex Albon at Toro Rossi and Lando Norris at McLaren. We also have Antonio Giovinazzi at the Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team.

It is going to be an absolutely fantastic 2019 Formula One season not to be missed.

It is going to be be interesting to see how Charles Leclerc gets on alongside Sebastien Vettel equally, it is going to be extremely interesting to see how the Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team get on with Kimi Raikkonen returning to the team.

Daniel Ricciardo has moved to the Renault Sport F1 Team so it will be great to see how he and Nico Hulkenberg get on.

The biggest change of the winter is Red Bull’s move to Honda, will it pay off for the Milton Keynes based outfit? Only time will tell.

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