Chip Ganassi Racing’s Linus Lundqvist says that it is beneficial to him and the team that they got their ROP completed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Wednesday.

Driving the No.8 Be The One American Legion Honda, Lundqvist completed 102 laps of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval and ended the day in second place with a speed of 219.504MPH.

Speaking to Paddock Eye following the session, Lundqvist said:

I think it’s beneficial for ourselves because obviously, we can go over Christmas and New Year’s and kind of the break of having the confidence of already been here before. You can kind of hit the ground running when you come back.

But I think also for the team, you know, the boys and the girls, they work extremely hard, especially come the beginning of the year and come up to the month of May. So I think it’s nice for them to get it out of the way as well.

It’s just one day less that you have to be at the track for those guys, so I think it’s a win/win if you are able to do it.

Lundqvist went on to say:

“It’s unbelievable. “With the speeds that you’re going, it feels so fast. With the history and legacy around this place, it just feels magical. Even though the grandstands are empty, I can only imagine what it will feel like when they’re full. Even now it’s very, very special.”

ROP consists of three-speed phases, gradually introducing first-year “500” drivers to the high speeds and unique nature of the rectangular, low-banked 2.5-mile oval. Drivers must start with 10 laps between 205-210 mph, followed with 15 laps at 210-215 and finishing with 15 laps faster than 215 mph.

Marcus Armstrong in the No.11 Ridgeline Lubricants Honda was third having completed 93 laps and speaking afterward he said:

“I’ve enjoyed it a whole lot more than I expected. “I’m not saying I didn’t expect to enjoy it, but I think the intensity of it is pretty special and watching (in-car) onboards and on TV is one thing, but actually feeling how the car moves and how the wind affects you and the tiny details of this place – and Texas – has kind of given me so much enjoyment.”

Tom Blomqvist in the No.60 Meyer Shank Racing Honda was fastest of the day with a speed of 220.176MPH having completed 90 laps and speaking following the action he commented:

“There’s a bit of a relief, but I still anticipated it being something I would get through. “It shouldn’t be that much of a challenge, and at the end of the day I’m coming here to try and compete for victories in the future. But it’s all part of the process, and I’ve also read this is something of a tradition, which has been around for a long, long time.

“But it’s definitely rewarding to know that you can do it, to know that it is possible because you’re going so fast around here. I’m so fascinated by how your body and how your mind processes everything and slows things down. At some point you don’t feel the speeds that you’re doing. I keep saying that it’s one thing driving around by yourself, right? Come May it’s a steady 32 other cars that you have to navigate your way through and manage with traffic and all the racecraft, so that’s another thing. Just baby steps.”

Kyle Larson will be in action for Arrow McLaren on Thursday.

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