The Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake say that they didn’t quite meet their expectations for the 2023 Grand Prix season.

After nine months on the road, in the air and by sea, the season comes to an end this weekend in Abu Dhabi.

Looking forward to the race this weekend, Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake Team Representive Alessandro Alunni Bravi says:

A long, challenging season comes to an end: it’s been nine intense months and there is no denying we didn’t quite meet the expectations we had set for ourselves back at the start. Over the course of these 21 races so far, there have been bad days and good days, but we always stuck together, as a team, as it always should be; despite all the challenges, all of us, the team trackside, the home team back in Hinwil, and of course, our drivers, never refrained from working hard to improve and further develop our car, and for this we must be proud of the effort we put in – and keep it as a foundation and as a starting point for the season that will come. Now, one last race awaits us: with our main competitors not scoring points in Las Vegas, the standings have remained unchanged, and there is one more chance in front of us to try and further improve our position in the standings. On top of that, this race weekend will mark the end of the partnership with our title partner, Alfa Romeo – and we intend to honour this relationship one last time and celebrate these six fruitful years together, during which both our brands flourished and grew. We are all ready to give all we have until the chequered flag on Sunday evening, to try and finish the season on a positive note.”

Valtteri Bottas who produced a charity calendar for Movember is looking forward to the race of the season saying:

Just like that, we find ourselves in Abu Dhabi, for the final race of the year. It’s been a busy, challenging season, and although we haven’t reached the goals we had set for ourselves back in January, I reckon we can still say we worked really hard to better understand our package and, with it, many lessons that will help us in 2024. It was really unfortunate to see my race being over pretty much after the first corner last Saturday, as we had looked strong all weekend and I was confident we could have brought home some points. Still, none of our competitors scored points in Las Vegas and the standings remain unchanged: this weekend we have one more chance to do well and improve our position, and we are motivated to do our best to achieve it.”

Zhou Guanyu commented saying:

It seems like yesterday we were preparing to kick off a new season in Bahrain, and here we are now, heading into the last race weekend of the year. My second Formula One season comes to an end, and I can say I am proud of the progress and the growth I have made as a driver this year. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go as planned for us this season, but we still have one more race to try and improve our position in the standings, have a good race and carry this momentum into the break. Looking back at Las Vegas, I had a very eventful race with a lot of battles, even if I couldn’t really improve my position from where I was starting. Our direct competitors didn’t make it into the top ten either, which means the battle is still open: the whole team is ready and determined to do our best to try and improve our position in the standings. That would be a nice way to end our season, for the team back home in Hinwil who worked so hard throughout the year, and for our fans, for their unwavering support.”

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