Dreyer and Reinbold Racing’s JR Hildebrand says that the team focused on race day set up for Sunday’s 103rd running of the Indianapolis 500 presented by Gainbridge. The American ended the day in 24th place and speaking following the day’s action he said:

We made a couple of changes towards the end of the session that really helped the car. We need to make a change in our gearing strategy a little. We talked about it ahead of time and today’s runs just confirmed what we were thinking for the race. How fast the cars go through the air is always big deal here. The aero package has changed a bit from last year. We did a lot of race setup running earlier last week that gave a us a good platform for race trim. It was warmer today and I feel that as the conditions get warmer that plays into when we have been better. We want to get into the playing window that works well with this car. Overall, the DRR guys always have concentrated on the race setup. I could tell that when I was at ECR (Ed Carpenter Racing) and racing against (now teammate) Sage (Karam).”

Sage Karam in the No.24 Wix Chevrolet ended the day in 29th and speaking following the action he said:

“We were passing cars today with the hotter conditions. So that is very good. The conditions were nearly perfect on Monday at the low 60s. Now, we are 20 degrees warmer and the heat definitely affects the cars. Everyone lost an overall level of grip and the cars slide a bit more. I never saw anyone drive around me. So I like that aspect. We had a slight vibration that we’ll work on now. We are not sure where that comes from right now. Hey, every year I have to come from behind at Indy and I think we can do it again on Sunday. It won’t be easy to pass in the hotter conditions. We have a great pit crew who always makes up spots in the pits. I think that can play a big factor Sunday. We are in the first pit box off of Turn 4 and that can help get me in the pits quickly. We want to get to that checkered flag this year.”

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