Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer of Extreme E says that one of the missions of the series is to attract a more diverse and younger audience to the world of motorsport.

Ali Russell says that they are planning to launch Extreme H, Hydrogen powered motorsport, with the series having smaller races that take place over ten minutes.

Russell says that betting can be good for Motorsports if it is done correctly. In terms of E-Sports, Russell says that this form is here to stay and that it is in Extreme E’s DNA and helps create a fan base.

As Russell says, Veloce Racing, one of their teams, was born out of digital racing, and that has developed into a full team. E-Sports lends itself very to gamers when you see the likes of Felix Rosenqvist competing in esports as he did when was in Formula e and finished on the podium.

Extreme E has a carbon footprint of 9000 tonnes and they reduced their footprint with the St Helena. Extreme H will have the same approach as Extreme E in that there will be a 50/50 split.


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