Legacy Motor Club announced on Monday that fast food restaurant Wendy’s will serve as primary sponsor to Noah Gragson’s No.42 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for the 65th Daytona 500 this weekend.

President of Business Operations with Legacy Motor Club, Bruce Mosley commented saying:

This is a great partnership for LEGACY MOTOR CLUB, Wendy’s, Noah Gragson, and fans of NASCAR. “The DAYTONA 500 is the sport’s biggest stage so it’s a perfect place to show off the best in beef. I’m excited to see what Noah does on the track and what we, at LEGACY MOTOR CLUB and Wendy’s, can do off the track through our partnership.”

Throughout race weekend, fans should look for the square when they’re looking for the best in the field – both on and off the track.

Wendy’s Winner Square: For those on-site, fans can find the beef at the Wendy’s Winner’s Square located in the Daytona International Speedway infield. Look for the giant 22-foot-tall Square Hamburger Patty to find Wendy’s celebrating its first-place square hamburgers with FREE Dave’s Single® hamburgers, Hot & Crispy Fries and Gragson’s favorite Frosty® hack — blue raspberry, topped with NERDS® candies.

At the Wendy’s Winner’s Square, fans will also get an up-close-and-personal look at Noah Gragson’s No. 42 BEEF car and will have the chance to take home exclusive Team Wendy’s swag items, including limited edition t-shirts, hats and Frosty Key Tags, which can be redeemed for FREE Frosty treats for a year. Talk about a winning (and delicious) deal.

Carl Loredo, U.S. Chief Marketing Officer for The Wendy’s Company commented saying:

At Wendy’s, we’re focused on making great tasting hamburgers. To get to the best, it all starts with the best beef and we have a proven track record of delivering for our customers time and time again. “Partnering with Noah Gragson and LEGACY MOTOR CLUB is a no-brainer — they both know a thing or two about a good beef and about being the best in their field. When NASCAR fans see the No. 42, they know a champion is behind the wheel. Similarly, when Wendy’s fans see the square, they know they’re getting the very best hamburger. We can’t wait to celebrate alongside NASCAR fans and give them an all-access pass to the best in beef all weekend long at Daytona.”

Where’s The Beef? Square QR Codes**: But that’s not all – fans, both on-site and at home, should keep their eyes peeled for QR codes asking ‘Where’s the Beef?’ all weekend long. Spot it, scan it and find the best Beef in the game and the chance to win exciting prizes, like free Wendy’s Dave’s Single® hamburgers for a year, Wendy’s app offers, exclusive Daytona swag kits or even a custom video message from Gragson.

Noah Gragson welcomed Wendy’s for the Daytona 500 saying:

Welcoming Wendy’s on my No. 42 Chevy in the NASCAR Cup Series is just perfect. I love their food and I’m not afraid of a little beef. “The partnership matches my personality, and we (me and the fans) are going to have fun with it. For my first Daytona with LEGACY MOTOR CLUB and the No. 42 team, I can’t wait to get on the track and give it our all.

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