FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting has slammed reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton for ‘his immature attitude’.

Whiting revealed that Hamilton missed a key meeting with the other drivers to discuss the new rule changes relating to qualifying. Speaking to the telegraph newspaper, Whiting was unimpressed with Hamilton’s behavior and his antics away from the track.

Whiting is the not the only figure in Formula One to criticize Hamilton’s behavior. Former world champion Sir Jackie Stewart commented by saying:

Unfortunately, I think you do have to apologise, Lewis Hamilton can drive better with one hand than most of the population, but there is an element of safety. There is also an element of statement: ‘if the world champion is doing it then I can do it. In some respects you have to live by example.

Meanwhile Whiting has criticized Hamilton for saying that drivers do not get to express their opinions when he was invited to various meetings during the winter most notably at Pirelli HQ and during testing in Barcelona that he chose not to attend. Whiting stated:

The drivers get a lot of say, I can’t see how we could give them more of a say. We have sporting and technical meetings to which a driver is always invited. The take-up is very low. We had a meeting in Barcelona. Quite a few drivers turned up which was nice. Lewis was invited but he didn’t come. I’m just pointing out how many opportunities they do have. You can draw your own conclusions.

Early this week while Hamilton was in New Zealand he took a selfie while riding a motorbike and although the incident was initially investigated by the police it was later dropped. Following qualifying on Saturday, Hamilton also hung out the window of the FIA medical car as it went down the pit-lane after claiming pole position for Sunday’s race.

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