The Indianapolis 500 presented by Gainbridge takes place next weekend with a tradition that remains the same despite the global pandemic and it is that the winner of the Indianapolis 500 will get to drink their choice of milk in a tradition that dates back to Louis Meyer in 1936.

Speaking to Paddock Eye on Thursday afternoon, Jill Houin and Tim Haynes who has produced the milk for the Month of May said that they excited for next weekend’s race and that they were happy to see that despite the pandemic that the Winners Drink milk Indianapolis 500 tradition continues.

The pair also said that despite the pandemic, as dairy farmers they have been working 24 hours seven days a week to help provide local communities in Indiana in providing shops with essential dairy products like milk and cheese products.

The American Dairy Association of Indiana has also continued its nutrition program with Indiana schools to ensure that school children received the daily milk that they would normally receive in school at home as a result of the stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19.

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