The MoneyGram Haas F1 Team’s Nico Hulkenberg says that he is still motivated and looking forward to the future as he prepares to make his 200th Formula One Grand Prix start this weekend in Mexico.

The German, who has driven for Williams, Renault, Sauber, Force India and Haas.

Looking ahead to the weekend, Hulkenberg was asked about making his 200th race.

Congratulations on your 200th grand prix start, Nico.

Did you think you’d reach such a feat, competing in more races than the likes of Prost, Lauda, and Mansell?

“Of course, that was a different era with fewer races, nowadays it’s a lot easier to rack up a bigger number of grand prixs. Nonetheless, it’s still a milestone and an achievement and I’m very happy to hit and break that 200 GP marker board. I’m excited for this weekend in general, it’s a cool place and it will be a little bit more special this week.”

If you were sat down with 23-year-old Nico, heading into his first season in Formula 1, what would you say to him and what advice would you give? What’s left to achieve on your bucket list, and any regrets?

“Regrets? Not so many. My dress sense has gotten better as I get older, you go through phases, and you have to find
yourself! Obviously, not every decision or team move would I do the same, but you live and learn, it’s always difficult to
predict the future if you don’t have a crystal ball. There are many more things to achieve, we all know that. Right now, I’m still very motivated and am looking ahead.

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